Posted in 2015

The source of Conflict

Elder John R. Daily’s Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book is a seven-shape Primitive Baptist hymnal with a strikingly distinctive harmonic style. [1] It turns out that many of Daily’s arrangements come from a few Primitive Baptist hymnals of the 1880s. One source is Durant & Lester’s 1886 “Hymn and Tune Book.” Another source is Sears & Ausmus’s 1881 Primitive Baptist Hymnal, which I haven’t seen discussed elsewhere. These sources include a number of arrangements that were later printed in Daily. They also include some arrangements that didn’t make it into Daily, but that are written in a similar style.

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A bug that describes itself

Today I found a bug that describes itself. In fact, it tells you how to fix itself.

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I’ve been fascinated for a while by the idea of generative poetry. Recently I started tinkering with it myself, and my first experiment is working well enough that I’ve set it up as a Twitter bot: @watts_ebooks, tweeting randomly generated hymn stanzas in the style of Isaac Watts, such as this (ethically and theologically dubious!) example:

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