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Mx. Leah Velleman

Coder, linguist, singer, occasional blogger. See my Github profile or my résumé and how I build it.


Last update 18 Nov 2020

Pop science

Tech writing

In grad school I wrote Getting Started with Shalmaneser — an introductory manual for a shallow semantic parser and explanation of the science behind it, aimed at undergraduates.


I've published linguistic research under my current name and, previously, as Dan Bridges Velleman. (But I'm not Daniel J. Velleman, the logician.) Mostly I worked on the ways speakers of different languages make their conversational goals clear to each other.

I strongly prefer to be referred to using my real name even in discussions of my past work.

It is never, in any context, correct to call me "he."


I published some poetry once upon a time. It’s all succumbed to bit rot — one site now redirects to a Trump campaign video. Oh well. As of 18 Nov 2020 you can still read this one:

Interview in Crab Fat, December, 2016.